Dienstag, 18. September 2012

CHEAPART Amsterdam, 6.10.-14.10.2012

Opening Saturday October 6, 16:00, Loods6 KNSM laan 143, 1019 LB Amsterdam, NL
Sunday October 7 - Sunday October 14, 14:00 - 21:00

 More than 200 selected artists from all over Europe will be participating, assisted by groups of Dutch curators and art theorists. This international event will take place at Loods 6 Foundation in Amsterdam.

- 200 artists

- More than 2,500 works
  at the single price of 80 €

- for one week only!

CHEAPART is a contemporary art exhibition and a unique market model.
CHEAPART is an art market for the wide public, art lovers, collectors, art related professionals.
- A global meeting place for the art world, potential buyers and international networks.
CHEAPART’S European network [1995-2012] extends to
Amsterdam /Athens/ Vienna/ Limassol/ Thessaloniki
On October 6 CHEAPART will embrace the 5th major city of its European network.For one week, more than 200 selected artists from all over Europe will have the chance to meet one another, exchange ideas and present their work to the public. CHEAPART is a unique art market model in which more than 2,500 works will be sold directly by the artists to the public at the single price of 80€. The profit from the works sold go directly to the artist. CHEAPART is a growing network of art lovers, collectors, art-related professionals and the wider public, meeting place for the art world. CHEAPART Amsterdam 1 is organized by Art4Elkaar Foundation and CHEAPART Foundation.